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About the La Source Australia Shop

This website is the Online Shop for La Source Australia which provides a beautiful collection of Limited Edition Artist Prints and Gifts.

You have direct access to Isabelle Boreham’s full range of Original Art on this site (exclusive products excluded). Buying original limited editions means the artworks you choose are not mass produced, and not overly common.

Isabelle Boreham and Melanie Beresford are experienced artists who produce work that is sought after. See below for more info.

Please enjoy a browse through the range, spoil yourself, a friend or someone you love. Look for the type of product you want or browse through our curated collections. It is then simple to buy what you want and enjoy FREE SHIPPING IN AUSTRALIA for all products, and FREE OVERSEAS SHIPPING on orders over $250.

About La Source Australia

La Source Australia is an Art and Design studio based in Sydney and the bush, founded in 2010 by French Australian artist Isabelle Boreham. Her daughter Melanie joined the team in 2013 after completing a Masters of Fine Arts.

Known for its original colours and its joy for nature, the studio creates Limited Edition Artist Prints,
Linen Tea Towels, Tote Bags, Greeting Cards, Aprons and Calendars that celebrate the rich Australian landscape with its gorgeous flowers and birds.

Their mission is to “create unique original quality artworks and products that promote a joy and respect for nature.” Creativity is at the heart of La Source Australia, promoting sustainability through its sustainable production techniques. Created, Printed & Packaged locally in Australia, the Green Collection is unique and playful and celebrates eco-friendly gifts through eco-living, thoughtful giving.

The whole collection is lightweight offering the perfect gift for travellers and locals alike.

Meet the creator of La Source Australia
Isabelle Boreham

Born in Paris, Isabelle Boreham spent time working in London and New York before moving to Australia.

Now residing between Sydney and her bush property, her appreciation of the Australian bush is pas en pas with the masters Rousseau and Turner as influences for her diverse practice. Before commencing each artwork, Boreham spends time carefully observing the natural world around her and sketching the various plants and animals she comes into contact with. Once all her ‘characters’ have been drawn, she incorporates them to create unique stories. Birds are seen cheekily chattering with one another in a bush of native flowers, whilst others sit by themselves above iconic sites.

Her love of bold colours and textures is evidenced, as she merges reality with her own musing. She gives birds and flowers alike a new distinct skin by borrowing the textures of Australian tree barks. Peering through her own gardens, that could be likened to a marvelous jungle with frequent wildlife visitors, she draws much wonder and inspiration from the bountiful life that coexists with her; and delights in sharing this awe for the Australian bush with others.

Isabelle's CV

Isabelle Boreham


1975 Fine Arts Foundation Course. Ecole de Penninghen, Paris France.
1976 Textile & Drawing Course. Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris France.
1977-80 Textile Design Diploma with Honours. West Sussex College of Art & Design, Worthing England.


2016-7 Flowers by Teresa, Sydney.
2013-7 From Sydney to Paris. Isabella’s Restaurant, Sydney.
2014 Aerial Life. Artist Studio, Sydney.
2013 Quietly Blooming. Artist Studio, Sydney.
2012 The Wilderness. Artist Studio, Sydney.


2017 Feels like home. Annie Wyatt Room, National Trust Centre, Observatory Hill.
2017 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, Melbourne.
2016 Bleu Blanc Rouge Festival, Sydney.
2016 Art in the street. Braidwood.
2015 Bleu Blanc Rouge Festival, Sydney.
2015 Art in the street. Braidwood.
2014-5 Le Lifestyle Australien. La Maison de l’Océanie, Paris.
2014 Flora and Birds. Australian Garden Show, Sydney.
2014 Bleu Blanc Rouge Festival, Sydney.
2014 Art in the street. Braidwood.
2013 Braidwood Collection. Braidwood Regional Art Group, Braidwood.
2013 Braidwood. Quilt Festival, Braidwood.
2013 Bleu Blanc Rouge Festival, Sydney.
2010-2 Group Show. Altenburg Gallery, Braidwood


2016 Large native floral artwork rug
2015 Bomaderry Bowling Club foyer carpet with Mik Sadubin from Innesphere.
2013 Two large rug artworks for Studio Paraphe in Paris.
2012 Six large rug artworks for Studio Paraphe in Paris.
2012 Three large murals for the Australian Pavillion Retail Area at the World Expo in Yeosu Korea.
2008 Clothing designs for Akira Isogawa.
1987-1997 Textile designs for Carla Zampatti and Lisa Ho.
1985-86 Textile designs for Billabong.


2000 Selected Designer for the 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Torch Relay uniforms.


Simons, J.R. Small Creatures of the Australian Wilderness. (NSW: Kelvin Weldon Production, 1984).
Simons, J.R. Blooms of the Australian Wilderness. (NSW: Kelvin Weldon Production, 1984).


Private collections in Paris, London, Denmark, Japan, USA, Germany, Portugal and Spain.

Goodwill Projects

Since 2014, the team at La Source Australia has been proud to support local goodwill projects. By purchasing their products, you too are are supporting these worthy initiatives. To view our Goodwill projects please visit our News Page, suggestions are welcome.

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