We released our 1000PC Australian Bird Life Puzzle just over a month ago and it has been so heartwarming to see the reaction it has received. Like so many of you, these last few months have been challenging, but we have been looking at how we can continue to bring you joy whilst you’ve been in isolation. And what better way that in a puzzle, where you get to create our australian bush scene piece by piece, bird by bird. We’ve loved receiving your lovely reviews and progress shots, please tag us @lasourceaustralia on instagram and facebook:
“It calms me. I love it. It’s an anxiety thing for me. Totally enjoyable.”

“It was very satisfying to finish. I loved it. The great thing about a puzzle of your art is you notice things you wouldn’t when looking at it just as a whole. The many different shades of green was something I noticed. It forces you to notice because you’re looking for the right piece.”

“It was very relaxing to do. And some of the birds in the puzzle were right outside my window as I did it.”
You can purchase your ‘Australian Bird Life Puzzle’ here.
It is also available in a double pack for you to share with your loved ones!