About La Source Australia’s Logo

La Source Australia’s Logo is a registered trademark of La Source Australia. In french “La Source” is often used to refer to the source of fresh spring water commonly found poring from a fountain in French villages. Isabelle’s art often reflect the places, flora and fauna that is “the source” of her inspiration.

About the “Australian made and owned” logo used on this site

This Logo indicates La Source Australia’s products comply with the standards necessary to use this logo. Products are wholly Australian made including materials, design and printing.



Australian Designed and Printed

About the “Australian, Designed and printed” logo used on this site

This logo indicates this product is produced by a wholly owned Australian business and the products are designed and printed in Australia, however some materials in the product may have being sourced overseas. Whilst we always endeavour to source materials in Australia for both environmental and local economy reasons, it is not always possible.