Artist prints

What is an Artists Print?

Isabelle Boreham’s original Artist Prints are limited edition prints and come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. Limited edition means once a fixed number of prints are sold, no more will be available to buy. Since many of Isabelle’s prints find their way overseas, you are unlikely to see the print elsewhere. When you see a print you love, make sure you secure one before they sell out. Some clients have started collections.


Prints are available in three sizes Small, Large & Extra Large which corresponds to A4, A3 and A2 for the paper, this helps you choose a frame, however the margins may vary across sizes, but not within a particular size so choosing a set of prints always looks great. Perhaps a triptych (a set of three associated artistic, literary, or musical works intended to be appreciated together)

Have you missed out on a limited edition print?

If you have missed out on a particular print, review the others in the same collection. Isabelle adds new designs regularly and also returns to her favorite themes, and subjects – so you will most likely find a print you love.


All LaSource Prints are priced without framing, although some are illustrated with frame in the Product image. It is easy to find frames with the standard sizes used. Please contact us if you have a special order requiring framed work.

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