Greeting Cards

What is so special about La Source Greeting Cards?

Greeting Cards designed by Isabelle or her daughter Melanie, these unique cards will not be found printed in the tens of thousands, and in every news agent or gift shop. Colorful designs Inspired by what Isabelle loves to capture in her arts works, you are guaranteed to surprise the recipient, or start your own collection. Some cards are available for special occasions but many are also adaptable to any occasion.

From a local business

Our greeting cards are all designed and made in Australia, designed, printed and packaged locally. Using 100% recycled paper these cards are responsibly produced and are certain to delight, when received in someones hands.

Always surprising

All cards come with Isabelle’s idea, of a special gift within the gift – the built-in Bookmark! Ideal for but not limited to book lovers. Surprise your friends or family with a card they can put on display, or keep to remember.

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