Themed Prints

What is a la Source  A4 Print?
Designed by an artist, Isabelle Boreham, to delight your friends and family. La Source A4 prints are well priced art to brighten your room. Although not limited like the Artist prints (also available in other sizes), they are not mass produced in large quantities.  Select from one of Isabelles themes to find a print you like.
Why are they so good as gifts?
Apart from there beautiful designs and colors La Source A4 Prints are easy to pack in luggage for the trip home, a memory of you trip or or to present to friends or family on your return. Of course you can order online and have them delivered directly to someone. or to yourself so you can present it in person. Consider a Greeting Card so you can include a message with your gift.
Includes a firm card backing and wrapped in a secure plastic seal. Made from 100% recycled paper and securely sealed to keep your print from dirt, receiving a print is a delight to open.

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