Lorikeet Flora - Microfibre Travel Towel | Tea Towel

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100% Designed and Printed in Australia.

Our gorgeous ‘Lorikeet Flora’ Travel Towels celebrates Lorikeets amongst a floral backdrop that includes Bottle Brush, Sturt's Desert Peas, Mountain Devils and Pig Face Flowers.

Vibrant in colour, super absorbent, quick drying and travel friendly, they are versatile, and can be used in many ways. They are perfect for the home as a tea-towel to dry your hands and dishes, or for outdoor picnics. They also double up as a travel companion to add to your suitcase or bag, as well as a colourful gym/yoga workout towel. Or even as a wall hanging!

Lightweight and compact, they are soft to the touch and easy to wash, great for every activity. They are a lovely gift to send to family and friends (or to enjoy yourself!)

Printed locally in Melbourne on microfibre using sublimation printing, considered one of the most sustainable forms of printing as the only waste product is paper, which is recycled.  

Dimensions: 50 x 70cm + only 75g.