Framing Guide + Fine Art Print FAQS

Our artworks are all proudly Australian Made by us.

Drawn by hand, we then add various textures and print them ourselves in our Sydney studio alongside our local printer. 

What is a Limited Edition print?

Almost our entire collection of Fine Art Prints are Limited Edition. This means that there will only ever be a certain number of prints produced. Once we have sold the edition, there won’t be any more available. Each limited edition artwork is signed by the artist(s), and numbered in the edition (eg.1/100). We also include a Certificate of Authenticity that you can attach to the back of the framed artwork. 

We love that we can bring unique original artworks into your home that are: full of colour and joy, affordable and not mass-produced.

Can you recommend which artworks to choose? 

When there’s so much choice, sometimes it can be hard to know which artworks to choose. But we like to make it easy and fun. We create all our artworks in collections (or stories if you like). These collections have their own theme connecting them. This means you can easily create your own art collection that will ‘sing’ together. We’ve also put together some Print Sets that we believe you’ll love - they also come with a cheeky discount!

Can I commission an artwork?

As we are the artists, we are available for specific commissions. Contact us for more details at

What print sizes are available?

We currently sell our prints in 3 sizes A4, A3 & A2. Here’s a sizing image to help you figure out which size works best for you. 

What frames fit your prints?

We are often asked which frames work best and thankfully there is a lot of choice out there. 

Our Fine Art Prints fit standard sized frames from major retailers such as Ikea, Country Road, Kmart, Freedom etc. This ensures you can have your artworks hanging in no time! We’ve added some suggestions below to make it easier for you when choosing your artworks.

We also work closely with a local affordable and very friendly Mobile Custom Framer. He comes to you, helps you choose your frame, custom frames your artwork and then even hangs it for you. Get in touch if you’d like more info. *For Sydney/Melbourne customers.



For our Small A4 and Large A3 Rectangular Fine Art Prints, most frames with a mat board window to fit A4 or A3 should fit. The IKEA Ribba or Hovsta frames fit well, and come with a lovely mounting mat board. For our Extra Large A2 Rectangular Fine Art Prints, there are lots of choices. An A1 Poster Frame with an A2 window will fit well. Kmart and many other retailers sell them. Unfortunately the larger IKEA Ribba frame has an odd sized mat board window.

Small A4 Rectangular
Print size: 22.5x32cm includes white border (artwork size: 17.5x24.7cm).
Frame size: A3 Frame with A4 window / Ikea Ribba or Hovsta 30x40cm frame 

Large A3 Rectangular
Print size: 32x45cm includes white border (artwork size: 25x35cm).
Frame size: A2 Frame with A3 window / Ikea Ribba or Hovsta 40x50cm frame

Extra Large A2 Rectangular
Print size: 42x59.4cm includes white border (artwork size: 39.5x55cm)
Frame size: A1 Poster Frame with A2 window



Our newer collection of Square Fine Art Prints are also printed on the same sized paper (A4, A3 & A2). The square artwork is printed in the centre of the page, giving you the option to frame them as above. Alternatively you can trim them down to fit into square frames. Cooper & Co have these in stock.

Small A4 Square

Print size: 22.5x32cm includes white border (artwork size:18x18cm)
Frame size: 30x30cm frame with 20x20cm window

Large A3 Square
Print size: 32x45cm includes white border (artwork size: 28x28cm)
Frame size: 40x40cm frame with 30x30cm window

Extra Large A2 Square
Print size: 42x59.4cm includes white border (artwork size: 38x38cm)
Frame size: 50x50cm frame