Australian Bird Portraits Book

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Discover Australia's unique bird life through art with this colourful Limited Edition 40-page hardcover book. It features a collection of original artworks by La Source Australia's mother/daughter duo Isabelle Boreham & Melanie Beresford.

This beautiful coffee table book makes a perfect gift for anyone who has already started a collection of the artists' work.

Each spread features a different bird and some quirky bird facts to educate the reader. Admire and learn about cheeky cockatoos and stunning little finches. Both children and adults who appreciates art or birds will treasure this book.

If you'd like the book personalised and hand-signed by the artists, please include a name in the order notes.

Artworks by Isabelle Boreham & Melanie Beresford
Words by Melanie Beresford & Anthony Muscio
Published by La Source Australia
© Copyright 2020 La Source Australia, Sydney, Australia
ISBN 978-0-6489738-0-5