Canberra Playing Cards

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100% Made in Australia.

This deck of Canberra playing cards is great for players of all ages to play a wide variety of card games including poker, bridge, solitaire, blackjack, canasta, go fish and many more. 

The front of each card features large numbers/symbols and a colourful artwork on the back depicting everything we love about Canberra. This includes the iconic sites (National Museum of Australia, Telstra Tower, Parliament House, Carillon, Hot air balloons), birds (magpie, pink robin, blue wren and kookaburra) and flowers (golden wattle, bottle brush and the royal bluebell).

The playing cards come packaged in a box, containing a 52 card deck plus 2 bird jokers (a magpie + black cockatoo).

Standard Poker Size Cards - 6.4 x 8.9cm